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Eastern Nights, Southampton

Welcome to Eastern Nights..

We look forward to serving you and trust you will enjoy
your time with us.

Spices are keynote of traditional Indian cuisine. Different regions have adopted different spices and herbs to compliment the type of food and climate. From the delicately spiced dishes of the north, to the hot spicy foods of the south, to the great seafood dishes of the coastal
regions. In preparing our menu for you we have not only included the popular dishes usually found in Indian restaurants but we have also included a selection of dishes not often seen in England. Each dish has its own distinctive flavour which comes from selected herbs and spices which have to be separately prepared for each dish.

Should you wish a dish not shown on the menu please ask your waiter and we will do our best to prepare it for you. Should you have any cause for compl aint amember of our management will attend to it personally.

Finally, we are pleased that you are spending your evening with us and look forward to your next visit.

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5.30pm - 11.30pm

Monday - Closed


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Phone:023 8047 3269
Email: info@easternnights.co.uk